About Bananas City Restaurant Luxembourg Place d´armes

About Bananas City

9, Avenue Monterey

( Plaçe d'Armes )

Bar open every day.

Tuesday thru Friday from  : 10:00 > 01:00 heures

Monday from : 10:00 > 22:00 heures

Saturday open at : 11:30 heures > 01:00

Sunday closed during Winter


Kitchen open every day.

Monday thru Friday from :  11:30 > 22:00

Sunday closed during Winter


Kitchen : Banana's good food

Terracce available in summer

also other months if you are not the freezing type...



Reservations have to be made  by phone only.

See new Number in contact or about us.
No response to e-mails or sms. Thank you
We accept table reservations!!!!

Les troupes du Banana’s, continueront à
s’occupper de tous et de tout le monde, individuellement
(sur demande et très cher, rendez-vous obligatoire) ou en groupe.

Si vous voulez mettre des Photos sur le site, contactez nous de toute urgence.

If you want to upload pictures on our site, please contact the management.