Nos partenaires Restaurant Luxembourg Place d´armes

Nos partenaires

partners in this business, is almost like getting married.....

  1. you need to be sure you want to stay together for a length of time
  2. you have to be able to justify your choice over and over again
  3. and you certainly should enjoy the partners products
  4. the partner promises to keep his products up to standards
  5. last but not least, service and mutual help should be present, at all times

So knowing these basic rules, here are some real partners.


Luxembourg\'s favorite secret......

Stolichnaya Vodka

Our House choice......Tastes great and comes from great people

Elit Vodka

Our Ultra premium House choice......Tastes superb and comes
from the same great people who make Stoli....

Vins JP Chenet

Our House choice of Wines. Best Quality, Taste and price ratio ever.

Grands Chais de France

Our premium choice of Wines.
Good quality, very good taste and very nice people

Jameson Whisky

Irish Whisky, very smooth......


the Rum our choice for your pleasure......

The Macallan

Scottish Single Malt at it\'s best......


DJ Mixers and Sound cards, simply very good stuff.....

Virtual DJ

Our Favourite DJ Program and the best by far.
used here the Bar since Version 3

We prefer this to all agricultaral Machines or Itching

Hifi International

You need to buy electronics somewhere, we like to go to these people.....

Thomann Cyberstore

As I do not like to move to far from my comfort zone and if
I cannot get it here, then these
guys are what you want.
Quick, inexpensive ( not cheap ) and efficient.
Thanks God theses things still exist........

More to come.......


Reservations have to be made  by phone only.
See new Number in contact or about us.
No response to e-mails or sms. Thank you
We accept table reservations!!!!

Les troupes du Banana’s, continueront à
s’occupper de tous et de tout le monde, individuellement
(sur demande et très cher, rendez-vous obligatoire) ou en groupe.

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